If you are the every day athlete that is looking to excel performance then this package is just what you need! With my Sports Science background I am able to discern the athletic qualities that will make you a better player.

Placing a high emphasis on mobility, (the best prescription for joint pain and recovery) you will add years to your competitive career. I integrate main strength components with assistance work to help rehabilitate old injuries, while preventing the chance of them reoccurring.

You will gain an in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of compound lifts and understand and learn the principles of power development best suited for your sport.

Every sport is unique, meaning it requires specific demands. Incorporating a wide variety of equipment and techniques, exercises performed in the gym can be adapted to be highly specific to your sport.

Each individually designed program focuses on the 6 foundational movement patterns:

  1. Squat

  2. Hinge

  3. Single Leg

  4. Push

  5. Pull 

  6. Core/Carry

You will learn to strengthen and master these movements to maximise your proficiency in training transferring to efficiency when playing.

If you serious about training and playing my programs will help you reach the next level!

Program Packages Include – (one off payment)

2 x sessions per week – £120

3 x sessions per week – £150

(Including familiarisations sessions)

The familiarisations sessions are effectively 1-1 sessions to take you through the program, as well as on-going support so that there is no confusion with your training.

You will receive a 6-week personalised gym program based on your goals to both develop your strengths and minimise your weaknesses to maximise your performance.

Please find below a sample of how my programs are structured.

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