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In the westernised world, convenience and ease of use is of top priority in everyone’s day-to-day life, leading to the downfall of modern mobility. I can harp on saying that your body is a machine designed to move…yet most people will spend 7-8 hours a day sat down behind a desk.

The compound affect will lead to reduced joint mobility and poor proprioceptive control of movement due to being stagnant for so long. I know that desk based work is vital to keep the world running and money in people’s pockets, but at what cost – low back pain, hip pain and fatigue?

Translate this to a competitive situation on the field; it can lead to decreased performance and greater risk of injury as your body is unable to perform with optimal efficiency. Movement is a skill that has to be trained and maintained!

As with all prospective clients, I carry out a free consultation where I conduct of needs analysis and movement assessment to test strength and fitness levels while identifying any injuries that can be causing pain and affecting movement.

Now I have what I need to prescribe the best program to rehabilitate and elevate your strength so not only do we stop the pain but minimise the possibility of it returning !As with any major purchase in life, this is an investment. If you invest in your fitness, you invest in longevity.

I can educate and develop your physical attributes that make someone great athlete. You will gain extensive knowledge of compound lifting (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Overhead Press) and rehabilitation techniques. Being a fully qualified strength and conditioning coach, I have experience in coaching Olympic lifting (Clean+Jerk/Snatch) by breakdown the intricacies required to perform these lifts.

Please see the various training packages I offer below:

A full marathon was not enough for Simon!
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